About the Dead2Red Running Race

The Dead2Red Running Race starts from the Mujib Bridge on the shores of the Dead Sea, and continues all the way up to the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea, 242km away.  Since the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, is around 415 meters below sea level, the entire race is a gradual ascent to sea level!

The Dead2Red started as a relay run where runners can participate in teams of 5 or 10 and each team must have a participant on the road at all times. Teams must complete the distance in 24 hours. The Solo Category for the Dead2Red Running Race was added in 2018 whereby an individual runner must complete a distance of 200km within 34 hours.

This is a fun, challenging and exciting event. We rely on the honesty of each individual/team to participate within the rules of this event. The event is not restricted, and is open to all nationalities, genders and fitness levels. From weekend runners to super athletes, from international corporations to local schools, the Dead2Red Running Race unites people of all backgrounds and nationalities under one goal – to cross that finish line!

Running Race Categories


  The Solo category will not be open in 2022. For experienced, serious long-distance runners only. Runner must have completed at least one...



For teams of 5 (1 – 5 runners) only. Each runner must complete a full marathon (42.2 km) before handing over to the next runner. The race route...



For teams of 5 (1 – 5 runners) or teams of 10 (6 – 10 runners) Each runner must complete the distance of a semi-marathon (21.1 km) before handing...



NEW REGULATED DISTANCES THIS YEAR!   For teams of 5 (1 – 5 Runners) or teams of 10 (6 – 10 Runners) The first 25 km of the race are...



NEW REGULATED DISTANCES THIS YEAR!   For teams of 10. Each team should consist of at least 8 current students from the same school and 2...


Would you like to volunteer?

We are always looking for experienced participants to help Marshal the Race. Many times, runners will Marshal the Cycle Race and Cyclists will...


Race topography

Instructions, Rules and Regulations


Each participant (whether runners or accompanying people) must sign an individual waiver form.  Once we receive a completed online registration in your name with the waiver box checked it means you have signed the waiver, regardless of whether you completed the registration or someone else completed it on your behalf. Any participant under the age of 18 years must submit a hard copy waiver signed by a legal guardian and accompanied by a photocopy of official identification of the legal guardian.


Due to the nature of this type of event, we highly recommend that you/your team members have your doctors’ permission to participate. Adventure races, such as ours on open roadways have inherent hazards that you/your team members must be aware of and prepared for. It is highly recommended to you/your team members to also have current insurance which covers you and others in case of any personal accidents. If you decide against taking our advice, please be aware that the required signed Waiver absolves Amman Road Runners and Dead2Red Committee and all race officials from any and all damages, injuries and claims.


This is a fun race based on the honor system. We depend on your honesty and integrity throughout the race and we expect you to try your very best to finish the race within the allowed time of 24 hours. The Dead2Red Committee does all that it can to prevent and deter cheating at this fun event. However, a limited number of marshals and the long distance of the race route prevent us from fully monitoring all race participants at all times. Therefore, if you witness any cheating we suggest that you videotape the cheaters in action and submit it to the Committee immediately following the end of the race. The Committee will review any submitted video evidence and determine whether cheating has truly occurred. Any team caught cheating in any manner will be disqualified immediately and all team members will be banned from participating in all future Amman Road Runners events.


Safety is our main concern during this challenging event and weather conditions are one of the factors that might affect the overall safety of our participants. As the date of the event approaches, the Committee will keep a close eye on the weather conditions along the race route. The Committee will then decide whether there is a need to postpone or cancel the event. In case of a canceled or postponed event due to inclement weather, please see the Refund Policy.


The participant(s) can receive a refund as follows:

  • Should you choose to withdraw up to three weeks prior to the event start date a 100% refund of participation fees will be granted.
  • Should you choose to withdraw from the event between three weeks to one week prior to the event start date a 50% refund of participation fees will be granted.
  • Should you choose to withdraw from the event less than one week from event start date no refund will be granted.
  • If the race is cancelled by the Committee due to force majeure (such as war, natural disasters, political unrest, severe weather, or other unforeseen and uncontrollable factors) no refund of participation fees will be granted. However, participation fees can be used as a credit towards future Amman Road Runners events occurring within one year. Requests for credit must be received within one month from event cancellation. The credit can be issued in your name or in the name of someone you designate.

The Dead2Red Running Race will start from the Mujib Bridge Start Line Area at 4:00pm SHARP on Thursday afternoon for all categories except Schools and Solo. School teams will start at 4:15pm SHARP on Thursday afternoon. Solo runners please see below.

ALL TEAM MEMBERS including supporters/drivers must be at the Start Line no later than 2:00pm on Thursday to go through final check in. If for any reason, no member of your team is present at the official starting time, you will be granted a 15-minute grace period in which to arrive at the starting point, proceed through final check in, and begin running. Otherwise, your team will be disqualified from the race. PLEASE NOTE: For all late starters, your official start time is the official starting time of the race.

The SOLO race category will start at 6:00AM sharp on Thursday morning. Runners and all their support/drivers must be at the Solo Start Line no later than 5:00AM for the final check in process. Please note that the Solo Start Line is 42km south of the Mujib Bridge. A pin of the location will be sent to all participants prior to race day.

  1. Safety Reflective Vests must be worn by all participants from 5:00 PM Thursday afternoon until 6:30 AM Friday morning, regardless of whether you are a runner, supporter, driver, etc. Safety Reflective Vests for each participant are included in the participation fees. You must use the vest provided or your own vest as long as it is pre-approved by the Dead2Red Committee no later than the Leaders’ Meeting. Anyone caught without a Safety Reflective Vest will cause his/her entire team to be disqualified immediately.
  2. Drivers are expected to abide by all local driving laws. No passengers should ride in the trunk of the car or in the beds of pickup trucks. Hanging out of windows, van doors and sunroofs is forbidden. Drivers are asked to drive with care at all times.
  3. The consumption of alcohol is totally forbidden along the race route. This includes drivers, participants, and accompanying persons. Anyone caught consuming alcohol during the race will cause the entire team to be disqualified.

We are providing you with a relay baton. This baton must be carried by the runner on the road running. When a new runner wants to start running he/she should receive the baton from the runner on the road. Any runner caught running without the baton in his/her hand causes his/her entire team to be disqualified immediately.


Please note that we allow only TWO support vehicles per team. The largest size vehicle allowed as a “Support Vehicle” is a Mini Van, 7 – 9 passengers.  Any supporting vehicle larger than the Mini Van will not be allowed to participate.

School Teams and teams registered in the Marathon or Semi-Marathon category are allowed to use a “Coaster Bus” or similar, with a maximum capacity of 15 – 25 passengers, as ONE of their support vehicles only.  Any violation to these rules will cause the entire team to be disqualified.

Accompanying/supporting Vehicles are not allowed to drive beside the runner at any time. The race route is via a major and highly used road and most of it does not have any lighting, so utmost driving measures should be observed at all times, day and night.  Any vehicle caught driving beside the runner will cause the entire team to be disqualified immediately.  On the other hand, we highly recommend that during the dark hours, your vehicle should drive behind the runner within a safe distance, to provide him/her with light.

In light of the new regulated distances of the race, please note the following NEW regulations regarding support vehicles:

  • Only ONE support vehicle is allowed to provide support during the first 21.2km of the regulated distances.
  • The second support vehicle must drive ahead to kilometer 21.2 and wait for the rest of their team there.
  • Support vehicles are NOT allowed to drive behind their runners for the first FOUR legs of the race. One support vehicle may drive behind the runner at the start of leg 5 as the runners enter Ghor Al Haditha village.
  • Prior to the start of the race, only one team member should stay at the Start Line. The first support vehicle with the runners of the next four regulated legs should drive to the first changeover point at km 4.4 to await the first runner. The second support vehicle should drive ahead to the start of the sixth changeover point at kilometer 21.2 and wait for the rest of the team there.

After Ghor Al Mazraa, there are no restrictions on running distances. The team may select its own strategy in determining runners’ distances but must be sure to check in with the marshals at the four Mandatory Check-in Points.

For safety reasons, runners are ONLY allowed to enter/exit the support vehicles from the RIGHT side of the vehicle (unless the runner is driving). No entries/exits from hatchbacks, the back of vans or pickups, or the left side of vehicles will be accepted. Any violation of these rules may cause the entire team to be disqualified.

You are provided with THREE OFFICIAL TEAM NUMBER CAR STICKERS PER VEHICLEYou must place all stickers on ALL SUPPORT VEHICLES in the following very visible locations:

  • For most vehicles: One on the right side of the front windshield, one on the left side of the rear window, and one on the left rear side window.
  • For Single Cabin Pickups:One on the right side of the front windshield, one on the left side of the rear window, and one on the tailgate.
  • For Double Cabin Pickups: One on the right side of the front windshield, one on the left side of the rear window, and one on the left rear side window.
  • If the vehicle has tinted windows, please place the car stickers on the OUTSIDE of the vehicle.

Failing to place the stickers as directed above will cause your team to be disqualified.


If your team decides for whatever reason to withdraw from the race, please inform a marshal immediately. For safety purposes, our marshals take great care in monitoring the whereabouts of all teams. By informing them of your withdrawal you help prevent confusion and wasted time.