• For teams of 10. Each team should consist of at least 8 current students from the same school and 2 adult members who may be teachers, coaches or school staff currently employed by the school or parents of current students. The team may consist of 10 students but must be accompanied by at least one adult who is a teacher, parent, coach or school staff.
  • The same restrictions as the free-style category apply.
  • The first 25 km of the race are restricted as follows:
    Leg Running Distance (km) Start At km # End At km # Landmarks/Comments
    1 4.4 0 4.4 End near Lady Lott rock formation
    2 4.5 4.4 9.0  N/A
    3 3.5 9.0 12.5  N/A
    4 5.1 12.5 17.6  N/A
    5 3.5 17.6 21.2 Start just before Ghor Al Haditha village. End at semi-marathon first interchange.
    6 4.2 21.2 25.4 End after traffic light, near Civil Defense and across from Jo Petrol (Numeira will be in the middle of this leg)
  • Please note the following NEW regulations regarding support vehicles:
    • Only ONE support vehicle is allowed to provide support during the first 21.2km of the regulated distances.
    • The second support vehicle must drive ahead to kilometer 21.2 and wait for the rest of their team there.
    • Support vehicles are NOT allowed to drive behind their runners for the first FOUR legs of the race. One support vehicle is encouraged to drive behind the runner at the start of leg 5 as the runners enter Ghor Al Haditha village.
    • Prior to the start of the race, only one team member should stay at the Start Line. The first support vehicle with the next runners should drive to the first changeover point at km 4.4 to await the runner. The second support vehicle should drive ahead to the start of the sixth changeover point at kilometer 21.2 and wait for the rest of the team there.
  • After Ghor Al Mazraa, there are no restrictions on running distances. The team may select its own strategy in determining runners’ distances.