The Dead2Red Relay Running Race starts from the Mujib Bridge on the shores of the Dead Sea, and continues all the way up to the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea, 242km away.  Since the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, is around 415 meters below sea level, the entire race is a gradual ascent to sea level!

The Dead2Red is a relay run, runners can participate in teams of 5 or 10 and each team must have a participant on the road at all times. Teams must complete the distance in 24 hours. This is a fun, challenging and exciting event. We rely on the honesty of each individual/team to participate within the rules of this event.
The event is not restricted, and is open to all nationalities, ages, genders and fitness levels. The youngest participant each year is usually under the age of 10 and the eldest is over 60! From weekend runners to super athletes, from international corporations to local schools, the Dead2Red Relay Running Race unites people of all backgrounds and nationalities under one goal – to cross that finish line!