• The Story behind Amman Road Runners

    From left to right: Samir Farkouh, Leena Farkouh, Ammar Sabbagh, Laurel Nader, Pascal Hoyez, Marie Hoyez, & Basel Burgan (Absent)From left to right: Samir Farkouh, Leena Farkouh, Ammar Sabbagh, Laurel Nader, Pascal Hoyez, Marie Hoyez, & Basel Burgan (Absent)

    The Story behind Amman Road Runners

    The Amman Road Runners (ARR) is a group of running enthusiasts who have a great passion for sports and the outdoors in general, and running in particular.  ARR has created many running events including the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon. However, the most exciting, challenging and unique races in the entire region are the Dead2Red Relay Running Race and the Dead2Red Cycling Race.

    The first Dead2Red was run in 1993 with only two teams of six runners each. It gained popularity rapidly, and in the early 2000’s it grew to include cyclists as well - and even included roller bladers one year on an experimental basis! In 2014, due to the increasing number of participants, the race was finally split into two separate races: the Dead2Red Relay Running Race, which is held on the second Thursday of March each year, and the Dead2Red Cycling Race, which is held annually on the second Friday of November.

    The Dead2Red Relay Running Race starts from the Mujib Bridge on the shores of the Dead Sea, and continues all the way up to the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea, 242km away.  Since the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, is around 415 meters below sea level, the entire race is a gradual ascent to sea level! The event is a relay run and each team must have a participant on the road at all times. There are four categories: free-style, marathon, semi-marathon and school. The event is not restricted, and is open to all nationalities, ages, genders and fitness levels. The youngest participant each year is usually under the age of 10 and the eldest is over 60! From weekend runners to super athletes, from international corporations to local schools, the Dead2Red Relay Running Race unites people of all backgrounds and nationalities under one goal – to cross that finish line!

    The Dead2Red Cycling Race also starts on the shores of the Dead Sea from Ghor al Safi, and completes a distance of 200km ending at the Ayla Oasis Resort on the shores of the Red Sea. The Dead2Red Cycling Race has three categories Elite, Road Bicycle and Open Bicycle and participants can cycle the distance as a solo cyclist or in teams of three or five. The Dead2Red Cycling Race has become one of the most popular cycling races in the country, luring both professional federation cyclists and amateurs alike.

    Both of these events do not have monetary awards.  The purpose is simply to rise to the challenge of these unique races, enjoy the scenery and most of all have fun. Participants receive an event t-shirt, a medal and a delicious buffet dinner. There are trophies for the top three winners in each category, and some special award recognitions, but the biggest reward is the sense of achievement after having crossed the finish line.

    ARR is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote sports in general and running in particular. Therefore, the proceeds from our events are reinvested into the country in various activities that support sports and physical wellbeing. Each year, we sponsor several teams for our races, paying their registration expenses and often sponsoring their race day transportation and hotel stays. The teams we sponsor are usually from underprivileged communities in Jordan, but in 2016 and 2017, we also sponsored the Right to Movement teams from Palestine. Of all our community service projects, the largest is a football field in the Jordan Valley which we are co-sponsoring with the Arab Potash Company and which will officially be opened during 2017.

  • Ayla Dead2Red Cycling Race

    Ayla Dead2Red Cycling Race

    Greetings Amman Road Runners and Cyclists, We hope you agree that our 17th Dead2Red Relay Race in March was a great success, despite the difficult weather conditions! We had record numbers attending the event, with nearly 1000 people at the Awards Ceremony and Dinner. We have had time to reflect on the logistics of our race and have a very exciting announcement to make. This coming November 14, 2014 will see our 1st Dead2Red Cycling Race! (The Dead2Red Running Race will remain in March.) We are sure that separating the cycling from the running will prove to be beneficial for everyone: - It will allow everyone to participate in both events, instead of having to choose. - The cycling categories have been amended to make an even playing field for all participants. - The race will be held entirely during daylight hours, starting on Friday at 6am and finishing at 4pm on the same day. - The race will remain on the same road, but will have a slightly shorter distance of approximately 200 km. - The weather in November should allow you to ride safely without the risk of strong winds, heavy rain, sand storms, or mud slides! We believe you will have a safer and more enjoyable racing experience! More exciting details will follow shortly, but you will find our registration form attached so that you can enjoy our special "Repeat Performance" discount. If you participated in the 17th Dead2Red Relay Race (cycling OR running), your personal discount will apply until the deadline of November 8th. Start planning now for our 1st Dead2Red Cycling Race, redefined. Arrange to have your bicycle shipped over, start recruiting your friends and colleagues for a team, convince your family members to visit Jordan during November and take advantage of this new opportunity. Enjoy your summer, and dont forget to join us on Friday mornings at the International Community School for our Meet, Run/Walk/Cycle and Go! Training never starts too early! Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep in touch!